Husky what...?

You are probably curious who are the huskies and what's up with us. Here you can find out what's up with us ⬇️




I’m, Sorin, and I’ve been a software developer for over 7 years. I started as any techie kid that was my age did, I started with PHP when I was about 9 years old. But that was in the days where Youtube wasn’t actually a thing so I had to learn it the hard way by reading code and experimenting with it.

It wasn’t until I was about 18 years old when I got into the WordPress ecosystem that helped me see that I can make a profession out of my passion for coding and since then I’ve been working with a lot of businesses in the ecosystem and also explored more ‘advanced’ routes like Laravel development.

Nowadays it is my passion, a serious part of my life and also at the same time it is my profession.

When I’m not doing anything online I’m either doing stuff for my health or I’m wandering in the motorsport world for things like HillClimb, Rally, Formula 1, etc. But that’s a topic for another discussion 😊



I was born and raised in Romania and I graduated from the local university here in Ploiesti in 2018 with a bachelors in Economics.

During college, I realized that Economics is not really my biggest passion so I started to meditate about my skills and I realized that I’m a creative person so I can use that to help businesses and professionals to improve the user experience they provide to their customers.

The initial UI designs I came up with were in the software as a service niche and some presentation websites for small businesses.

But I also started exploring the digital art aspect of the design world and after a year of practicing I started to take Illustration projects to help businesses express their message in a visually appealing manner through isometric illustrations or animated personas.

Nowadays I’m combining my UI/UX knowledge with the digital art component to help brands express their message.


Hera & Ares

We’ll be honest and say that Hera and Ares were too busy running the operations of our company so that they did not have the time to write their own description so we’ll have to write it for them.

Hera is a crucial part of our organization, she is responsible with the sleeping part of the business and also about the treats.

She is the one that keeps us responsible to give them treats whenever they need to get some.

And also she is the one that is responsible for the amount of sleeping hours in the company. Her main goal is to sleep 25 hours in the same day. And she is going to work hard for that.

Ares is Hera’s puppy, or at least he was because now he is a grown adult and he has his own responsibilities in the company.

He is the ‘Master Walker’ as he likes to call himself. His responsibility is to make sure that we take a bunch of long walks with them every day so that they can relax and keep their heads clear of the daily operations.

Also he is in charge of the sniffing part of the business, he makes sure that nothing comes through without being checked by him. His main goal is to sniff the whole planet at once.