WordPress Plugin Library Saves You a Tone of Time


I’m sure you know that excitement when you start a new project. In this case, the project would be a new WordPress plugin that you are going to develop. And as with every new plugin for WordPress, you have to add the header comment and the new class, constructor, helper functions, etc.

Well, that’s pretty frustrating because you have to re-do the same thing every time like a robot. With that in mind, I thought I’ll just create a ‘boilerplate’ plugin that I’m going to use from now on for all my new plugins.

And that’s what I did but in time when I was creating more and more plugins for my own ideas or for the customers at MemberFix, I noticed that I had to constantly write the same helper functions and methods for some parts of the plugins and you know, that’s also repetitive work that I had to do over and over again.

So I got some of those repetitive tasks and added all of them to a small library that also serves as a boilerplate plugin that I’m using now for most of the new plugins that I’m developing.

I got to say that it made my life so much easier!


If you want to get your hands on it and see how it works, here you can find the documentation for the WordPress Plugin Library


That’s pretty much it for the little library I’ve created. It is a work in progress and I’ll be working on new features in time.

But I’m also open to suggestions, so please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!

All done! 😉

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